This page was inspired by the out-pouring of goodwill from the community of Hesston.
Hesston held a city-wide auction and garage sale Sept 29, 2007 for the
victims of the May 4-5, 2007 Greensburg, KS tornado. Net proceeds were
in excess of $8,000 plus business donations.

March 13, 1990 - Hesston Tornado tracks
100 miles from Castleton to Dwight, KS

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Video footage by Dean Alison © 1990 is only on YouTube no embed available

Birth of the Castleton storm that went through Hesston

The birth of the March 13 tornado is seen in this photo by Jon Davies (above) of the supporting mesocyclone cloud formation as it approaches K-17 northeast of Pretty Prairie. The photo was taken at 4:40pm, a few minutes after the tornado touched down to begin its 100-mile march.

Extreme Weather 1990

Triple vortices in the tornado can be seen as it rolls across Hesston. When a tornado gives birth to multiple vortices,
they are contained in the overall funnel. These vortices can punish one house and leave the rest of the
tornadic winds to do damage to another.
Tornado churns through Hesston
Picture of tornado approaching Goessel from State Street
Looking south, the funnel is located 1 1/2 miles south of Goessel. Photo taken at State Street.

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