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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The September 2013 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. In attendance were Greg Brazell, Joe Brazell, Lon Buller, Mark Glade, KF7ILO, John Goerzen, Jeanne Groves. Russell Groves, Marion Harper, David Hughes, Charles Meisinger, Steve Nelson, Kent Stutzman, Jerry Williams.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Vice President John Goerzen.

Kent S read the minutes. Lon made a motion. Jerry 2nd. Minutes were accepted as read.

Mark Glade introduced himself, and where he lived. His welcome to owning a home in Kansas was losing power and having to haul 900 gallons of water from his basement. He brought his 13 month old son, who looks to be a promise future ham if he takes after his dad.

September 21 is the MCC Bike ride. John will be net control at the MCC Center, possibly with a shadow operator that Russell is mentoring. There are 5 SAGS and it sounds as if there will be plenty of operators for the event. All operators are to meet at 7:00AM at the Center for maps and final details.

October 12 is Kansas Ultrarunners in Cassoday. Russell checked with Aaron, N0QD; and the Ultrarunner's organizers definitely want the communications support again. Russell says he has a number of people that have committed to work the event. They will use the Matfield Green repeater and take it out of the K-Link system. They will again use the mobile 440 repeater near the center of the course. All operators should be prepared for all seasons of weather this year. Last year was wet and cold. This year there is a potential for early frost annd much cooler temperatures than the 2012 run.

Dan may have found someone at one of the aircraft companies to underwrite the cost of the vests. He was not at the meeting to give an update.

In late August, Russell got a call from Harvey County dispatch asking if he was the Newton Club President. He confirmed he was. Something had happened at the mill and he was to get in touch with them. When he finally got the right person, he was told that a 50lbs piece of concrete had fallen and had taken some radio equipment out and there was a long run of wire on the ground and the short building. He was asked if we wanted it and said no. So that has taken care of the wire that has been hanging from the headhouse to the old railroad box where the repeater was housed prior to the move to Camp Hawk. Russell asked if he could get access to see if there was anything left up in the headhouse, and was given a firm no. As the mill is now a food processor, they have too many regulations.

October 3, Thursday at 6:30PM will be a work party at the Harvey Co EOC to check and correct the loss of radiating power for the radios. Previously there was about 25w returning when 50w was transmitted. The loss was found to be just in the coax under the floor.

David made a motion to adjourn, Lon 2nd. Unanimous approval. Meeting adjourned at 8:00PM.

Steve Nelson paid dues and joined the Club.

Club funds: Checking Account: $869.04 Petty Cash: $31.00

Minutes taken by Kent Stutzman
Club Secretary/Treasurer

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