All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The September 20, 2011 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. In attendance were Aaron Diller, Jeanne Groves, Russell Groves, John Goerzen, Kent Harder, Priscilla Harder, Charles Meisinger, Kent Stutzman, Jerry Williams.

Meeting convened at 7:05PM

Kent read minutes. Russell moved to accept, Jerry 2nd, approved unanimously

Old Business

MCC Flatlanders ride: Kent was unable to maintain his net control commitment, and Russell used a different, much more effective, and less radio traffic system to track where riders were along the course. Russell was Net Control from the MCC Center. Interest by the MCC staff was shown about where the riders were, and staff questions about amatuer radio helped with great PR opportunities. Before the ride began Ken Janzen noted that the radio operators were doing an exercise and that was why we needed to see their numbers easily. IF we failed to complete our exercise, then the Club failed its exercise. More interest was also shown by riders after they finished and came back to the MCC Center. There were nine Newton and 3 McPherson Club members committed for the ride communications.

Kansas Ultrarunners: Heartland 100 - Spirit of the Prarie run at Cassoday, KS is October 8-9. There is a pre-race briefing on October 7 in Cassoday(?). There should be a roster of all runners. Will be using the KØHAM repeater at Matfield Green 147.045- no tone; to cover most of the route. Log all personnel movement. There will be a directed net, but be prepared to play loosely and be flexible to change in any are. Prepare yourself for 24 hours of personal provisions and being out in the Flint Hills foothills in the open, prepare for all seasons. Most of the activity of the runners will be in the dark, but keep tranmissions minimal. Each runner has their own support team.Will bring in a 440 repeater to supplement Lapland and Teterville. If there are enough personnel, there will likely be someone tagging with the clean-up crew.

Repeater Tralier: Russel bought a repeater and duplexer with broken crystal, which might or not be ready for ultrarunners run. Russell has trailer, Bob has push up pole and Justin can lend a repeater antenna. Some discussion of possible locations on ultrarunners route for setting up a repeater. Discussion of compartmentalizing the equipment in the trailer as it does not ride the smothest down the road. Plastic tubs with foam cushion and lids will keep equipment secured and dust free.

KS QSO Party: Kent reported on the QSO party. at the time of the meeting, we had not quite reached 200 logs received, and were above the number of logs received for previous years by nearly double. Over 206 logs have been received as of the posting of the minutes. Many people liked the KANSAS and SUNFLOWER spelling part of the party, a new item never done before in any party according to ARRL knowledge. Thanks Bob for your dedicated work on the ideas for this years party! It will be fun to try to top this!

New business

Not taken at the meeting but hopefully someone Newton has 2-3 left to help. The McPherson Club has been asked to help on a bike ride from Lindsborg to Coranado Heights. This comes on October 9 so if you are not commited to the run in Cassoday, please consider helping the Mcpherson group as they are helping with the run.

Falun Classic Ride
The riders leave Swensson Park at 1:30pm
As expected, we have been contacted by Falun Classic Ride Organizers. They have requested Amateur Radio SAG support again this year. There will be two routes this year. One that follows the same path as 2010 and a new one the will lead riders through Marquette. This will require 6 SAGs plus a relay station on Coronado Heights. Each of these SAGs will need one person and at least one other with two club members.

This event comes on the second day of our Newton ARC support of the Kansas Ultrarunners event at Cassoday. For any of you who aren't committed to that, please consider helping the McPherson guys. Drop me a note or contact Jeremy at ks0mac@live.com. He tells me he'll have a number of his new club members involved in this, so some bike ride Elmers would be welcome.

Financial Status of the Club
Petty Cash: $30.00, Checking: $665.49, $150 outstanding
New family dues accepted - $15

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35PM

Minutes taken by Kent Stutzman
Club Secretary/Treasurer

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