All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The September 21, 2010 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met at the Newton Public Library in the Board room in the basement. In attendance were Ray Franz, John Goerzen, Jeanne Groves, Russell Groves, Dan Inskeep, Charles Meisinger, Joe Palmer, Kent Stutzman, and Jerry Williams.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:10PM by Vice President Joe Palmer.

Treasurers Report: $599.64 with $30 petty cash

Minutes were accepted with spelling corrections. Treasurers report was accepted as reported.

Joe reported that Mike may not be available to be at many of the remainder of the years meetings due to his new job with Siemens.

Dan contacted the mill. The correct name is now Horizon Milling. They were unaware of our equipment on the top of the mill. They are very cooperative and as long as we follow a few rules, can leave or place items on the mill. They are not worried about antennas being on the top. In order to access even the small building, a 45 minute safety course is required. Also, anyone working in or on the mill must have the following gear: lanyard and clip, over the shoulder safety harness, hard hat, safety glasses, hard-toed boots. Pre-schedule any activity can be on a Saturday. Dan Inskeep is our contact person for the mill.

Old business:

Regarding the interference with the the Parks Dept. Dan and Joe discussed the option of a tuned stub on the frequency of the Parks Dept at a 90 degree angle on a T connection shorted to block the interference.

The MCC Flatlander Bike Ride: All in attendance were part of the ride and were at individual SAGS. As debriefing, the group had the following discussion.

SAG 1 needs 2-3 operators at the beginning of the event. After SAG1 is hit, the other operators move on to their respective SAG. The ride went smoothly, and several observations and suggestions were made. Since we are helping with communications and the reason of the ham operators is to track and keep tabs on all riders, we should be attentive and involved if we see a rider that is visibly in distress. Russell noted one rider at SAG3 was being urged buy their partner to keep going. At SAG 4, the rider looked even more distressed. There was no report from SAG5 of the riders distress there. However, the rider was reported by a passer-by on the Hiway 50 to be looking in need of medical attention, and the second rider was trying to attend to them. Kent overheard on the scanner the report to the police officers that there was a rider from the race that appeared to be suffering heat exhaustion. Kent called 911 and got the location of the rider. Kent called Ken Janzen and reported that the riders were off of the marked route of the ride. Ken picked up the bike and the officer took the rider to the firestation.

Later, Ken called Kent at 3:30, asking if Kent knew the location of the rider. Kent did not and suggested that MCC call 911. Ken call Kent at 6:00 and reported that the rider had been admitted to the hospital for heat exhaustion. Another rider was reported to be unknown where they were and all SAGS were to look for the riders number. The rider was totally off the ride route from SAG3 to SAG6. Also in the last call of the evening, Ken conveyed the appreciation of the radio Club support, proving that we indeed augment and fill in where cell technology lacks.

The SAG operators feel the need to actively intervene in these circumstances and question the riders and have them evaluated. Suggestion was to have a trained medical person along the ride to offer guidance. It was a group agreement that the next years ride needs to make the riders more first aid aware and we will work with the MCC as they prepare for the ride. John, who rode in the event suggested all numbers have 4 pins so that all numbers can be read easily by the SAG volunteers.

New business:

Russell is continuing to look for suitable sites for a repeater in Marion county. He has contacted the Mid Kansas Co-op and is seeking access to grain elevators in the area. His contact person was Matt Friesen. The desire is to get a K-Link node in Marion county and hooked up to either another 440 repeater or a 2m repeater. Access to the Hillsboro water tower was deemed infeasible.

Upcoming events mentioned:

October 2 – Wichita Area Hamfest, 21st and Amidon at the Sweetbriar Shopping Center

First week of December Festival of Lights Parade – Day Time Lions Club

Meeting adjourned at 8:40PM

Kent Stutzman, KB0RWI

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