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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The Oct. 17, 2015 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met at Hillsboro. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Dave Hughes.

In attendance: Dave WX0DH, Jeanne KS0JG, Charles K0HNC, Jed KD0JCG, Stan WD0EUF, Joe KD0QNG, Greg KD0QNF, and Jerry KD0LWX.

Treasurer’s report: Checking $1,242.04. Petty cash $76.00 Greg moved and Joe seconded to approved the treasurer’s report and minutes.

Charles moved and Jerry seconded to approved minutes and treasurers report as published in the website.

Talked a little bit more about the new site at Camp Hawk, we are getting a climate controlled cabinet that will set up outside the main building.  440 and 2 meters are the bands we would like to have repeaters on.  And the fusion repeater will be the UHF repeater.  The original 2 M will be kept as is. Can put 440 repeater.  Antenna recently revamped.
Here's the update on the Camp Hawk repeater from Russell.  Justin and I took a look at the new cabinet and I visited with Don Gruver.  We are close to moving our equipment out of the shack. Could happen this week. The timing might require pulling our existing cabinet out of the shack and taking things offline for a day or two until Justin and I can get the prep work done. (Installing an ice bridge between the tower and the new cabinet)  The inconvenience will be worth it - this new cabinet will accommodate all the existing equipment with room for expansion if we put up a 440 repeater too.

1st of November, will change the McPherson 162.2 will put on the 2 meters machine will have to listen for analog only will not listen to digital traffic.  to Keep from hearing digital, radios need to be toned both transmit and receive.  If there is digital traffic is to look at your s-meter and you’ll see the traffic but won’t hear it.  Repeater will be Automatic Mode Selection…in digital out digital and in analog out analog.  Some rigs have the capability has the ability to tone receive and transmit…but not all…may be a problem with toning some receivers

McPherson club is talking about selling their 4 rigs to get one good rig.  May be sold to Derby or thru Derby Radio Shack.

Falun classic bike rider, about 85 riders. about 10 more than last ride.  great temps, really warm..a few flat tires a few haul ins.  14733 fusion repeater worked well.  Tyler went to the Falun PO, which is in the shadow of the Coronado heights and was connecting to the repeater fine.  Was the simulated emergency test for ARES.  8 hams worked the event.

NVIS, Stan had this antenna set up above a metal railing which may serve as a director.  Was during the afternoon.   Lower dipole, some inversion.  Discussed using fencing for antenna.  

Contesting:  Charles, past weekend 4 QSO parties  Iowa, Ill and New York, and SD  This coming weekend is world wide DX sideband.  California busy previous weekend.

Mid Kansas Swap meet with Hutchinson is still in planning.  May see something in Spring.  Hutch is planning for a digital repeater and so is Salina.

Down side of solar cycle will close out above 20 meters.

Ongoing contests

Is MARC and NARC interested in a swap on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Hutchinson?  City park in Hutchinson.

Water’s Edge Christmas party, 8:30 Dec. 5.    Joe moved and Jerry seconded.  

Skywarn recognition day is first Saturday in December 5th

Moved to have January meeting to elect officers

May want to look at the radios that the club has to trade in for more modern radios.

Motion to adjourn 8:00 - motion to adjourn by Joe seconded by Jerry.

Business meetings….working with NVIS antennas, antenna theory and design  Mark with system fusion world..  Maybe Justin explaining digital radios.  (February?).  Solar effects on propagation.    Maybe use after Sunday night net to try some NVIS.  80 meter?  40 meter?  13 to 15 feet for 80 meters….

Heath kit field strength meter in close to the antenna…cannot tell whether signal is ground wave or sky wave…propagation time?  

New business:  next year is national park service anniversary…ARRL has set up an association with NPS to 400+sites  4 in KS, set up at one of the sites to activate…might be the activity.  Submit the logs..logbook of the world.  May be a good activity.  

Round table

Jerry been working with APRS, has been getting some RF
Jeanne-not much
Joe-listening to short wave, fire at mid town towers as it was happening 150 mz, 150 mz  Harvey county fire and EMS
Greg-driving Dad’s taxi
Stan-playing with 40 m antenna, dipole 7.240, may try using chicken wire, comparison signals, wants to try at night. 80 meter for NVIS at night 40 meters during day

Meeting adjourned…Charles, Joe seconded.

Jeanne Groves, KS0JG

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