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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The November 21st 2017 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Jerry Williams.

Present were Charles K0HNC, Jeanne KS0JG, Jerry KD0LWX, Dave WX0DH, Kent Price KE0NJP, Dan K0FNI and Stan WD0EUF.

Minutes were read by Secretary/Treasurer Charles Meisinger. Dan moved and Dave seconded to approve the minutes as read.

Treasurer’s report was read by Secretary/Treasurer Charles Meisinger. Dan moved and Dave seconded to approve.

Nominations for club for club officers for 2018 were Jerry and Dave for president, Kent for vice-president and Charles for Secretary-treasurer. Voting was by show of hands with Jerry, Charles and Kent being elected.

Jeanne moved and Dave seconded to keep membership dues the same at $15.00 per year.

Kent told of hearing a station from Africa on Klink. There was some discussion of IRLP and how it works to make hearing this station possible.

Stan talked about the Falun Classic bike ride. Several more riders than usual dropped out because of the strong wind. There was temporary problem with the 147.33 repeater. Operators using HT’s had trouble accessing the repeater, but after about an hour, the problem went away.

The December Skywarn Appreciaton Day has been postponed until spring.

Jerry has been to the planning meeting for the 2018 Chisholm Trail bike ride. It will be Sat May 5th. The route will be the same as 2017 with 3 SAGs. There will be an ambulance stationed at Dr Wien’s residence. The next planning meeting will be Feb 5th. There is a web page for the event.

Field Day will be at Harvey County East Lake again next year, but the location can’t be reserved until Jan 1st. Dan has been working an a beam to mount on his trailer mounted tower for FD.

The Newton and McPherson clubs will meet at 08:30 Saturday Dec 9th at Waters Edge cafeteria in Hesston for breakfast. This is in lieu of the December meeting.

Jeanne reported on the McPherson club’s election results. Stan is president, Jeremy is VP and Bob Dittert is Sec/Treas.

The Sunday night ARES net will now have a different net control operator each week instead of one per month. Stan will not be doing net control since he is now president of the McPherson club.

Jerry said that APRS is not working on the Newton site.

The sale of Camp Hawk repeater site failed at the last election so it still belongs to Harvey County.

Dave moved and Jeanne seconded to adjourn at 7:51.

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