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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The Nov. 17, 2015 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met at Hillsboro. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Dave Hughes.

In attendance: Dave WX0DH, Jeanne KS0JG, Charles K0HNC, Jed KD0JCG, Stan WD0EUF, John KR0L, and Jerry KD0LWX.

Treasurer’s report: Checking $1,242.04. Petty cash $76.00 Russell moved and Charles seconded to approved the treasurer’s report and minutes.

Russell moved and Charles seconded to approved minutes and treasurers report as published in the website.

Repeater is in it’s new home.  6.1 Motorola repeater is out of the shack at Camp Hawk and into a new air conditioned cabinet separate from it’s old home.  The Fusion repeater can be placed the the same cabinet and Harvey county is abandoning a hf  antenna, which they will be giving to the Newton Club.  Unsure how quickly how soon the new repeater will get on the air.  Justin will find a coordinated pair of frequencies for the Fusion repeater.  Don Gruver is the contact for the county.   At the County building has part of a dipole and an HF radio and 2 dual banders.  The area is a storeroom without amenities.  Harvey County will have some hf equipment on the tower at Camp Hawk.  May have room for the APRS rig at Camp Hawk.

There is some weather net activity on 80 meters that we might join if we activate the HF rig.

1st of November, the McPherson 162.2 has been converted to digital on the 2 meter machine.  Fletch and Lee have talked digitally and it appears that the squelch is turned up.  Justin has not yet put the tone on the repeater.

No updates on Marion. 

McPherson club is selling their 4 rigs to get one good rig.  They have contacted Derby Radio Shack as to the value of their old rigs to upgrade.

ARRL published results of field day.  New record for number of logs submitted and we were 13th out of 23 in KS.

Is MARC and NARC interested in a swap on the 3rd Saturday of each month at Hutchinson?  City park in Hutchinson.

Water’s Edge Christmas party, 8:30 Dec. 5.

Skywarn recognition day is first Saturday in December 5th

Moved to have January meeting to elect officers

What emergency management activity is happening Harvey County?  Russell will send a note to Randy Frank to ask about that.

Jeanne will look into sending postcards to hams in Harvey county for the February meeting.

Will have 8:30 local time net on Sunday Dec. 13th on 40 m. to test NVIS

Motion to adjourn 8:00 - motion to adjoin by John seconded by Jerry.

Round table

Russell - still interested in NVIS
Stan - brought very old QST magazines
Charles - this coming weekend is the sweepstakes side band version, Saturday was the Kentucky QSO party
John - has done some experiments with the hand held high in the air.  at 5,000 feet above ground works very well.
Jed - working on finding sweet spot for his radio from his new home
Jerry - got his APRS back and found it conflicted with his Yaseus.
Jeanne - nothing
Greg - aircraft navigation story pre-radio there were concrete arrows on the prairie
Joe - doing school work
Dave - looked at his radio twice this week

Meeting adjourned…Charles, Joe seconded.

Jeanne Groves, KS0JG

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