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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The November 18, 2014 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Dave Hughes.

In attendance: Dave WX0DH, Jeanne KS0JG, Stan WD0EUF, John KR0L, Oliver, Jacob, John KE0CDE,  Jed KD0JCG, Jerry KD0LWX, Joe KD0QNG  Greg KD0QNF, and Charles K0HNC.

Charles moved and Stan seconded to approved minutes as published in the website.

Treasurer’s report Checking $1,375.04 Petty cash $36.00 John moved and Jerry seconded to approved the treasurer's report.


VE testing session, one new Ham and one upgrade. 

Combined Sunday night net.   Any comments?  Jed liked the format and found it easier.

Seasonal Ham get-together Dec. 13th 9AM, Water’s Edge in Hesston.

Requests for programs to present at the ham club.
  Suggestions—Solar power for dummies
                         emergency antennas
                         competing on ham radio—logging programs
                         foxhole radios
Move to donate $100 to library for their continued services by Jeanne,  second by Charles.

Skywarn recognition date is Dec 6th, 2013 between 8 AM and 3 PM.

December meeting cancelled due to breakfast get together

December QST has results from field day, our Ham Club was 752nd in list. 

January meeting will have club officer nominations. 

Round Table:
Charles - worked ARRL centennial stations, Sweepstakes sideband help last weekend.  Likes the new format can work Hillsboro repeater from recliner.
Stan - worked 10 meters on an attic antenna during the day.  Worked Priscilla last week, she’s handling herself well. Paul had a heart attack and was transported to Salina.
John -10 meter antenna was hit by a truck so he hasn’t been working 10 meters.
Oliver - no comment
Jacob - no comment
Joe - worked on light wave communication systems, plug in a microphone and light carries information. Mode is AM and uses a photo transmitter.
John - getting interested in Ham radio field, interest in low power and CW. 
Jed - NWS training question, will have more information closer to Spring
Jerry - playing with solar stuff, using lead acid batteries,
Greg - running taxi service, connect to K-link,
Jeanne - became secretary/treasurer of McPherson Ham Radio Club.
Dave - QSO from Guatemala and Acapulco, Mexico.  Working on 10 meter antenna.  Working on PSK. 

Motion to adjourn from  John, second by Jerry . Meeting adjourned 8:00 PM

Minutes taken by Jeanne Groves
Club Secretary Treasurer

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