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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The May 20, 2014 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. Meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by President Dave Hughes.

In attendance: Jordan K0JWH, Dan K0FNI, Jerry KD0LWX, Kent KB0RWI, Dave WX0DH, Lyle AD0HS, Russell WX0RG, Charles K0HNC, and Jeanne KS0JG.

Dan moved and Jerry seconded to approved minutes as published in the website.

Treasurer’s report Checking $1,360.04 Petty cash $36.00 Dan moved and Russell seconded to approved the treasurer's report.

Field Day: Russell will get key. Will meet about 5PM on Friday for set up.

Pot luck..Russell and Jeanne will bring grill table for Saturday evening supper. Jeanne will bring digital. 97 mobile from Dave. Russell will bring beverage antenna plus other antennas. Jerry will bring the mesh net. Stan will bring a fox for a practice fox hunt on the 146.575 frequency.

Russell will find out what radios/antennas McPherson will bring.

Round Table:

Russell—McPherson Club is requesting help on the Mobrey Metric which is at the end of July. The coordinator position may be needed as Stan may be unavailable. Russell moved for the club to support the ride. Motion passed.

Kent-no updates

Jerry-working on the linksys routers for the mesh net

Dan- building a 600 watt linear, grouping power supplies for 50 volts, need to make filters. Made an attenuator for fox hunt antenna. Added length to his antennas.

Charles-worked ARRL South Dakota station.

Jordan-K-link McPherson repeater needs some work, pc is intermittent. Linking a repeater at Wesley but there will be some work to get it all working due to various other radio equipment. New link in Atlanta, Kansas (Cowley county).

Jeanne-contact from Jan Brandom of the Wheat State Manor for possible support on bike ride in September.

Russell-discussed MCC bike ride which will be held September 20th and Ultrarunners 100 mile run on October. No contact yet from MCC but definite request for help from Ultrarunners. Can use Eldorado and Matfield Green. Falun Classic is same weekend as Ultrarunners.

Lyle-practicing code and looking at equipment

Dave-made contacts with DX60

Repeater is doing well, the repeating interference problem has not occurred for some time.

Motion to adjourn from Charles, second by Dan. Meeting adjourned 7:55 PM

Minutes taken by Jeanne Groves
Club Secretary Treasurer

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