All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The May 17, 2011 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. In attendance were Aaron Diller, Greg Brazell, Joe Brazell, John Goerzen, Jeanne Groves, Russell Groves, Bob Harder, Dan Inskeep, Charles Meisinger, Joe Palmer, Stan Stephenson, Kent Stutzman, Jerry Williams.

The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM by Pres Russell Groves.

Kent read the minutes. Dan made a motion, Jeanne 2nded, and the Club unanimously voted to accept with corrections. Goessel Octoberfest is the Goessel Goessel Harvest Festival. The Goessel GOTA will be behind the Goessel City Building. John has secured the special event call KØG for this event

On Memorial day, a work group is going to go to Cassoday to assess the UltraRunners course to see what all will be needed to cover the course with minimal dead spots. Terrain is the challenge and more information will be shared after their findings.

June is the Annual Not-For-Profit report to the Secretarty of State. Kent submitted the report, with the annual cost of $40. Received $15 for Club membership. New Club checking balance is $665.92 with $30 in petty cash.

A lot of planning was discussed for the Field Day at McPherson State Lake and Park. The main call sign used will be NØNK with a selection of others for the GOTA station to be decided.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35PM

Kent Stutzman, KB0RWI

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