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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The May 18, 2010 Newton ARC meeting was called to order at 1915 by President Michael Harvey. In attendance were Aaron Diller, Russell and Jeanne Groves, Bob Harder, Michael Harvey, Dan Inskeep, Harvey Jones, Joe Palmer, Kent Stutzman and Randy Wing.

The minutes were read and a motion was passed and seconded to accept the minutes as read.

There was no change in the checking account maintaining the balance of $539.64 with $30 in petty cash.

Old business::

Harvey County Emergency Communications - Lon called a meeting of those interested to come meet May 6, 2010 at the Law Enforcement Center in the training room in the basement. Six people were in attendance. A lively discussion was held regarding what hams can do for the county, and how we can best serve Lon in his Emergency Manager role. Discussion was to start getting information on loal cable channels promoting emergency communications. Joe Palmer accepted the position of the Harvey County R.A.C.E.S. Officer, filling the position after 5 yrs of it being vacated. Thank you Joe!

Marion County: Russell Groves has been meeting with Michele Abbott, Marion Co EM. She is very excited to have ham communications interest in the county. She took Russell to two locations. One was where a previous repeater site was. It was found to be in less than useable condition, and could not be secured. If there had been any abandonded equipment, there was none there. They then went to Hillsboro and met with the Hillsboro Fire and Police Chief and went to the present transmit location for County communications. This would also have the advantage of another 150' in ASL elevation, and the highest point in the county. All were very receptive to ham radio communications to supplement the area.

K-Link: Mike and Justin Reed had discussed the day of the meeting the status of the K-Link system. The Club still has some 440 equipment (DB-408 antenna) on top of the grain elevator on Broadway. As access to the headhouse is a liability issue, we would lose access to the top anyways, and remove a lightning hazard for the mill. It was mentioned that Lon and Joe could go the elevators and state the case for taking down our equipment. The antenna would facilitate getting the Newton K-Link node on the air. Justin is presently swapping out machines in McPherson, and was excited about the pontential to fill a dead zone, Marion County. With a K-Link repeater there, many more people could access the network. As SKYWARN Co-Coordinator and net controls, Randy and Harvey keenly listened to all discussion about K-Link, which they currently access via Echolink from the National Weather Service with an air-card and a lap top. Direct radio contact would add to the potential of the NWS useage.

New business:: More decisions

This year is indeed a year of change. Not only is there one, but now there have been four proposed Field Day sites for the Club to use. There was no final decision made at the meeting. Final plans will need to be made at the June 15 meeting.

  • Bob Harder has reserved Stutzman's Retreat from Hesston College, our normal operating post
  • Russell and Jeanne Groves offered use of his solar cell system for an all emergency power station. Would be just of the 13 Mile Road in Marion County to Hillsboro
  • Mike is going to pack his bags and do field day with an army buddy in Chetopa, KS
  • Lon and the 911 Supervisor also offered the amateur station set up in the EOC of the Harvey County Communications Center. The dipole will tune 80m nicely. Mike is going to attempt to fabricate a bracket for the vertical and get it tied off for a weekends use. Kent plans to run it as 1F unless someone wants to add another radio mode.
  • Randy and Harvey came to pitch the Greater Wichita Field Day operation, a 10A operation. The GWFD is comprised mostly of the BEARS and W0VFW members, andWARC is also operating with the GWFD. Handouts were attractive and showed how their set-up is designed. Networked logging capabilities will have dedicated support.
Not close to a computer and hear a call you don't recognize? SMS 1-469-269-8991 and enter the callsign. You should get the name of the person and call within a few seconds. A handy feature Randy Wing found.

Meeting Adjourned at 2040 May 18, 2010
-- Kent Stutzman, Secretary/Treasurer

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