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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The March 18, 2014 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. 

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by Secretary/Treasurer Jeanne Groves.

In attendance:  Mark Glade, Jared Ellsworth, Lyle Faurot, Russell Groves, Charles Meisinger, Phil Urquiola, Steve Nelson, Dan Inskeep, and Jeanne Groves

Motion to approve minutes as published by Dan, seconded by Russell.

Treasurer’s report
  Checking $1,400.04
  Petty cash $105.00

Russell moved, Charles seconded, treasurers report was approved as read. 


Old business:
Preparedness event for LDS by Mark Glade.  Aaron Diller presented introduction to ham radio.   Possible to expose Scouts to Ham radio.  Mark will look at times for training/testing sessions in Summer.
There were some issues with K-Link, McPherson down for a bit, Newton was down for a time both are now up and working.  Hillsboro will be worked on this week to fix the link radio.

The new Eldorado repeater is on the air.  443.100+ 162.2  Due to using uncompressed nodes the sound quality is  excellent.  Butler County will have better coverage. Hams have been able to reach the repeater from Newton, Derby, Moundridge, and Hillsboro.  Eldorado has 2 other repeaters with much smaller coverage area.

Marion Repeater—there is now a signed agreement to put on Eagle communications tower in Marion.  Need to get equipment and tower climb for antenna. 

Meeting with new Marion County Emergency Manager, Randy Frank.  Wants hams trained up and credentialed for emergency. Russell will spearhead the credentialing process, possibly relying on the ARES education from ARRL.  Marion County has a cellular on wheels tower trailer, coordinator wants to get hams trained up to support this tower.  Questions on what happens when the trailer is called out of the county.

As a part of the Marion repeater discussion.  Eagle communication requires liability insurance.  Russell has had discussions with Dave H. and John G. ARRL has club insurance, its covers events and participants.  It is $200 a year.  Russell will gets more specifics including limit of liability.  Dan made motion to buy insurance, Russell seconded.  Motion passed. 

Stan suggested that we might consider holding a Fox Hunt, combining the clubs.  The club is interested in participating.  We’ll talk about more details in future meetings.

Safety vests donated by Dan’s wife.  Many thanks to her for that donation. 

Future activities:
The Club need to reserve Hesston site for field day.  Justin has no information about the Abilene Marathon.  

Round table

Mark—still hasn’t broadcasted.   He had questions K-link.  Russell will mentor. 

Jared—no topics

Lyle—New to the club.  He’s taught a number of courses, math, computer sciences, used to be a Ham in the late 60’s which was allowed to lapse.  He was successful at doing the grand slam of testing—tech, general, and extra.  His interest is arp, building antennas and emergency response.

Russell—His interests are prepping, making new hams, and emergency communications.

Charles—Operated into 60’s then got back in about 5 years ago.  His interest is competitive.  He is working the ARRL centennial stations this year.

Phil—Licensed in ’68 as a  missionary in Bolivia, he got his license to talk to home folks.  His interest in nets and DX outside of US.  Loves to contest.  WPX, work all prefixes. 

Steve—Licensed last May by studying on Friday and then took test on Saturday.

Dan—Learned CW for a merit badge in Scouts.  He went on to get Electronics Engineering degree and then to the  Navy, first class commercial.  He assisted with railroad research for internet. Likes it for every aspect 

Jeanne—Interested in emergency communication and making new hams. 

Dan, moved to adjourn at 8:08 PM.  Second by Steve

Minutes taken by Jeanne Groves
Club Secretary Treasurer

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