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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The March 19, 2013 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. In attendance were Fred Becker, Greg Brazell, Joe Brazell, Lon Buller, Aaron Diller, Jeanne Groves, Russell Groves, Kent Harder, Priscilla Harder, Marion Harper, David Hughes, Dan Inskeep, Charles Meisinger, Stan Stephenson, Kent Stutzman, and Jerry Williams. Guest was James Whitfield and his wife.

Meeting was called to order at 7:02PM by President Russell Groves.

Kent S read the minutes. Jeanne made a motion. Jerry made 2nd. Minutes were unanimously accepted.

Old Business

In Bob Harder's absence, Kent S announced that Stutzman Retreat was available for Field Day 2013. Bob was physically under the weather and called Kent to pass on the message. Bob hopes to attend the Field Day activities this year. Field Day is the fourth weekend in June. June 22-23, 2013.

Stan reports that the McPherson club now has 14 members. Their newest member is from Marquette, so there is representation from many the northwest part of the county.

There was extensive discussion on how different counties handled weather spotters and weather chase groups. Lon Buller, who is also Harvey County Emergency Manager outlined what is being done for RACES spotters and also off-duty officers so that on-duty officers know that those vehicles are OK to be where they are and will not be ticketed or bothered. Due to the number of cars blocking roadways, if they are impeding traffic, officers are beginning to write citiations for vehicles and pedestrians that are in the lanes of traffic. It has become a problem over the last number of years that chase groups are now considered sources of information and are feeding information to the NWS. Stan, ARES Emergency Coordinator for McPherson County stated that they use WeatherTap which one member of the group uses to watch the intensity of the storm and tries to keep their people out of the direct path of heavy hail cores and potential funnels. SKywarn Advisory Group members also in the group, lead by Russell G stated that we will not spot people. Lon stated that RACES members are also told to watch for themselves and will be given guidance to move when needed. There will be a meeting for Harvey County to get together a group of people interested in spotting for the county and will receive the necessary placards and a meeting to go over what the county expects from RACES spotters. Kent will follow up with an e-mail to get a meeting together soon.

James, N5GUI was present and detailed more about the Scout Encampment. It is the weekend of April 20-22, with the Technology booth being set-up Saturday from 8AM-5PM . Skywarn could be one part of the information packet available as weather is badge for older scouts. Presently there is anticipated to be 6,000 scouts and their leaders from surrounding states ranging in age from 6yrs to 21yrs old. The time for each scout to have in the Tech booth is approx 5 minutes so anything that can attract visual attention will be best. James is planning to have light communication, solar cooking, PSK-31, Slow Scan, and as many modes as can possibly be shown with the number of Clubs that are willing to participate.

Dave Hughes also was able to mention that he passed his extra and had just received his new vanity call sign, WX0DH. Congratulations Dave!

The Club has officially come to a count of it's members for the fiscal year 2013. There are a total of 24 members, 16 of which are ARRL members. We lost 5 members due Boeing leaving Wichita.

Club financial report: Checking balance of $1,323.76. Petty Cash balance of $50.

Dave made a motion to adjourn, Aaron 2nd.Unanimous approval. Meeting adjourned at 8:25PM.

Minutes taken by Kent Stutzman
Club Secretary/Treasurer

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