All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The March 15, 2011 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. In attendance were John Goerzen, Jeanne Groves, Russell Groves, Dan Inskeep, Charles Meisinger, Steve Pope, Kent Stutzman, Jerry Williams.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:13PM

Kent read the minutes. Jerry made a motion, Jeanne 2nded, and the Club unanimously voted to accept.

Kent gave an update on the Club checking and petty cash balance. Checking balance was $746.64 with 26.44 in petty cash.

New Business:

Justin is ready to install the K-Link in Newton. First two weeks are going to be tests and then after then, use will fall off. 146.61 will be toned and there will be an antenna pointed at another K-Link repeater.

Hillsboro has a K-Link repeater on 444.525 with a PL of 110.9.

The Club expresses its gratitude to Mike Harvey for his contributions over the years to the club and its repeater. The Club designates Dan Inskeep as the new trustee for the W0BZN and N0NK calls. Motion was brought by John, Jeannne 2nd, and was unanimously approved.

The Club will decide at upcoming meetings where the Field Day site will be.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15PM

Kent Stutzman, KB0RWI

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