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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The Jun 21st  2016 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library.  Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Jeanne Groves.

Present were Charles K0HNC,  Dave WX0DH,  Dan  K0FNI,  Joe Palmer N0LQT,  Jed KD0JCG,  Jeanne KS0JG,  Jerry KD0LWX,  Kent KB0RWI,  Bob Dittert  N0QIX,  Joe Brazell KD0QNG,  Greg Brazell KD0QNF.

Minutes and Treasurers report were read by Sec/Treasures Charles Meisinger.  Dave moved and Jerry seconded  to approve both as read.

Field Day discussion:

Jeremy had signs and a banner made at a cost of about $200.  Newton and McPherson clubs each paid half.  Included were some signs to place around Hillsboro and small signs to place at each operating station. 

ARRL supplied literature will be place on a public information table.
Russell invited area EM’s.  Only Marion County EM may be able to attend.
Dave will not be bringing a digital station as planned but could bring a laptop.  Bob Dittert  said he could bring a digital station. 
Bob Dittert showed a video on the N3FJP logging software and explained how it would work.  He will have a computers available for 3 stations.  They will be networked together and logging will be on the server.  The software will prevent  logging of duplicate contacts.  It also stores radio ID and operator names for each station.
Joe Palmer mentioned bringing copies of the operating license for each station.
The call sign used will be N0NK for HF and W0TWU for GOTA.  Charles inquired about operating license privileges from ARRL.  The club call trustee’s license class is the default, but the trustee may appoint another person as control operater.  This should be noted in the log.

Equipment list:
2M for talk-in
Charles – CW radio, computer and OCF dipole
Stan – NVIS antenna
Jeremy – club vertical
Dan – 10M fractal quad,  another antenna and a trailer with a tower
Russell – Moss Monster
Bob – 706MkIIg radio, headphones and adapters
Jerry – 746 radio, battery trailer, solar panels
Discussion of  bonus points
Food:  Russell and Jeanne will bring hamburger and hot dogs and plastic ware.  Potluck beyond that.
Setup will be Fri afternoon.

The club will sponser a certificate for Ks QSO Party.  Dave moved and  Jerry seconded to approve $40 to Bob Harder.

Upcoming Events:
Mobray Metric – July 17  More difficult route this year.

Ks QSO party -  Aug 27,28

MCC Flatlander – Sept 17

Heartland 100 – Oct 8,9

Falun Classic – Oct 9

Skywarn Appreciation – Dec 3  

Motion to adjourn made at 8:00.  Dan moved and Jerry seconded.

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