All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The June 21, 2011 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. In attendance were Lon Buller, John Goerzen, Jeanne Groves, Russell Groves, Bob Harder, Dan Inskeep, Charles Meisinger, Justin Reed, Kent Stutzman, Jerry Williams.

The meeting was called to order at 7:03PM by Pres Russell Groves.

Kent read the minutes. Dan made a motion, Jeanne 2nded, and the Club unanimously voted to accept.

Club funds changed: checking balance is $660.92 with $30 in petty cash. There was a $5 fee for the use of the library projector.

The group that went to survey the UltraRunners course in Cassoday brought their thoughts to the meeting. The best way to cover the event would be a portable repeater at the highest point in the area. It would be necessary to have a self-supporting pole that would not need guys so that if put along the course or in a spot of a road that cattle or others would not have to watch for guy wires. Justin Reed added that we could possibly use the K0HAM repeater at Matfield Green 147.045.

Russell thinks it would be a very simple and necessary project to build a 440 repeater on a 2 wheel trailer that could be deployed rapidly. He would like to complete this project in the near future.

Justin is employeed with a new company and will get down to add Newton to the K-Link system when time and weather allows. The repeater would be toned at 103.5 while connected to the system.

John G realized he has a conflict with the Goessel Harvest festival and the activty was considered cancelled. He had forgotten about an important trip, so the event is essentially "Greeked" out.

Ken Janzen called Kent about the Flatlanders Biker Ride to be held again on Septembr 17. It will start at the MCC builing on NE 30th in N. Newton. Kent and Russell want to attend planning meetings as the ride is discussed with MCC.

John gave a picture presentation of his deployment to Joplin, Mo with SATERN. This was his first disaster deployment and he found it very rewarding to help although he felt he was not trained for the task. By all accounts, he was a quick study and was made net control for some time while in Joplin.

The packet node was not getting any use. John reconfigured the Eee Machine at EOC for APRS. For those not familiar with APRS, he compared it to a "ad hoc mesh network". There is a hole for APRS coverage between Wichita and Salina and McPherson is now considering an APRS node as well. As the Club call is in use for the node, it was brought to a vote for the use of W0BZN to be the APRS call. Joe moved, Dan 2nd and it unanimously passed to use the Club call.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45PM

Kent Stutzman, KB0RWI

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