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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The June 16, 2015 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met at Hillsboro. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Dave Hughes.

In attendance: Dave WX0DH, Russell WX0RG, Jeanne KS0JG, Charles K0HNC, Jed KD0JCG, Joe KD0QWG and Jerry KD0LWX.

Treasurer’s report: Checking $1,277.04. Petty cash $51.00 Russell moved and Jerry seconded to approved the treasurer’s report.

Joe moved and Jerry seconded to approved minutes and treasurers report as published in the website.

Charles gave preliminary results of field day, had 100 more contacts last Field Day.  Need supporting documentation and photos.

Mobrey metric from last week went well.  The weather was cool and the participants finished early.  There were about 115 60 and 40 mile riders.

VE session: Saturday at 9:30 AM at the McPherson Public Library.

Do we want to get first aid training for Ham members.  Need to get more information on how long and when.  Contact Fire departments for more information.

Camp Hawk, we are getting a climate controlled cabinet that will set up outside the main building.  It will be larger than the current cabinet and we will hopefully have enough room to put the fusion repeater and get a local HF repeater unconnected to K-Link.

Round table
Joe found a metal slinky for an antenna
Charles stayed busy with Mobrey
Jerry did the 13 colonies and made several contacts.  Bought a neon vest from Derby with lettering for Amateur.
Jed  installed burgelry system and cleaned apartment
Jeanne  waiting for Russell to install new radio so she can install old radio in her car
Russell  getting ready to install new fusion radio
Dave did Mobrey, Discussion on club trailer.  Maybe use some surplus equipment and have a build day.

July 25th testing session in McPherson
Salina Hamfest August 16th  8Am to 3PM  Contact information:  Tom Blackshere
Kansas QSO party August — 29th and 30th
MCC in Sept. 19
Falun in  Oct 11
Heartland in Oct. —has been cancelled

Motion to adjourn 7:50 - motion to adjoin by Charles seconded by Jerry.

Jeanne Groves, KS0JG

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