All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

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The January 19, 2010 meeting was held in the Newton Public Library.  The meeting was called to order in the main meeting room on the main floor of the library at 7:10pm by President Mike Harvey.  Present were Lon Buller, Aaron Diller, David Godshall, Jeanne and Russell Groves, Mike Harvey, Joe Palmer, Justin Reed, Jim Stafford, and Kent Stutzman.

Minutes: The November Minutes were read and approved with a minor grammar correction.  The December meeting did not take place.

Guests: Mike welcomed several guests and we went around introducing ourselves.  Guests were Joe Stafford, AJ5BS, and Justin Reed, N0UJQ, Kansas ARES 5A EC.

Election: There was discussion about the slate of officers, it was narrowed down to Mike Harvey for President, Joe Palmer for Vice-President, and Kent Stutzman for Secretary/Treasurer.  The slate was elected into office by popular acclamation.

Club Growth: Mike brought up the idea of offering another radio class, as well as sending out a mailing to area amateurs introducing us as a club and inviting them to check us out.  Joe said the librarian mentioned the library is equipped with remote audio/video communications statewide with other libraries, so that might be something to think about if we wanted to have a wider-area class.  The class would be followed by a testing session, so we would need a minimum of three VEs.  Aaron indicated his desire to get his VE certification, so he would be willing to serve.  Jeanne and Russell Groves would also be willing to get their VE; they would be General VEs so would only be able to administer Technician exams, which is what most of the testers would be doing. The VFW in Wichita might know people looking for a class or be able to advertise, as might the Derby Radio Shack.  Other ideas to build up membership are welcome.

Repeater: The Motorola Micor repeater is back from the shop, the bill to the club was $116.  The only area of concern was the crystals came from Bomar, which may have a tendency to drift.  The Micor, which will be placed into operation as our primary repeater, is just about ready to go.  The two GE Master repeaters will be backup/portable repeaters.  The cans might need a re-tune.  There was discussion about repeater usage and linking.  Justin Reed was here and talked a little about the Kansas-wide K-Link Repeater System.

EOC Station: Dan, Kent and Mike worked on setting up the new station.  Kent passed around pictures.  The only thing lacking at the EOC now is the HF rig, everything else is done. 

ARES: Jim Stafford, the new ARES Emergency Coordinator for section 5A of Kansas, was at the meeting and extended everyone an invitation to join ARES.  Interested amateurs can join through the website, http://www.cenkares.org/  There is no problem in belonging to RACES and ARES at the same time, dual membership is encouraged.

Emergency Coordination:  Lon Buller, Harvey County Emergency Coordinator, talked a little about the state of amateur radio emergency preparedness.  He noted that with RACES membership down and Newton club membership down, he's worried what will happen if there needs to be an emergency activation.  He knows Amateurs will probably come out of the woodwork, but he won't know a lot of them and won't know what their capabilities and training are and will not be able to really used them.  For RACES, amateurs are required to have formal training -- at a minimum IS-700 and 100 training, and optionally 200 and higher.  The website to find the training materials is http://training.fema.gov/IS/NIMS.asp 

Weather Spotter's Meeting: The Harvey County one will be March 11 at Chisohlm Middle School.

Transworld Antenna TW2010: Mike demonstrated his quick setup portable omnidirectional 5-band DX antenna at the meeting that takes only a few minutes to assemble.

Memberships: David accepted memberships at the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

-- David Godshall, Secretary/Treasurer

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