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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The Feb 16 2016 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Jeanne Groves.

In attendance were Charles K0HNC, Jeanne KS0JG, Russell WX0RG, Steven KB0WXK, Jed KD0JCG, Stan WD0EUF, Dan K0FNI, Jerry KD0WX, Dave WX0DH, Bob Dittert N0QIX, Greg KD0QNF, Joe KD0QNG, John KROL.

Minutes and Treasurers report were read by Secretary/Treasurer Charles Meisinger. Correction of meeting location was made to the minutes.

Stan moved and Dan seconded to approve minutes.

Treasurers report: Checking $1443.04. Petty cash has been deposited in the checking account.

Status of the club web site was discussed. Jeanne will meet with Jordan next week to discuss the new web site. Russell reported that Jordan has worked with Kent to get control of the web site, email server and Skywarn. Jeanne mentioned that users other than the webmaster should be able to post minutes calendar items to the site.

Camp Hawk status: Russell said that according to Don Gruver, the countys' move from UHF is waiting on budget issues and may be months away.

System Fusion status: Stan said that Justin has upgraded McPherson and others. Russell will upgrade his units when they are put into service.

Field Day update: Various locations suggested. Russell checked on Harvey County East. It is similar to last year's Marion County Lake site but has much more area for antennas without feedlines crossing the road. No overhead power lines. Daily fee is $125/day which is 08:00 to midnight.

Russell contacted Harvey county parks person to see about availibility.

Dan moved and Dave seconded to have Russell continue checking on East Lake Park.

West Lake Park discussed. Much smaller area than East Lake. Camp Hawk and Athletic Park also discussed. Stan asked about King Park in Hesson.

Steve KB0WXK introduced himself and described his job in the area. He is from St. Louis area and works for a company that intstalls and operates radio-read water and gas meters in Hesston area. There are 1200 water and 1200 gas neters that will send usage information to 3 collection points in Hesston and then sent by internet to Spokane WA where usage will be monitered.

Stan reported that McPherson County Emergency manager is leaving. Stan described a double dipole NVIS antenna he built that is compact enough to carry in a plastic tote to Fieled Day or other places.

Dan talked about his copy of ARRL Antenna Physics book.

Stan mentioned the NVIS net at 16:30 Sun 7.240 Mhz.

Jerry met with Newton sponsers of the Chisholm Trail bike ride. They want us to do comm for them again this year. Discussed number of operators needed. Stan thought that 2 per stop is necessary.

Dave worked on his 80M antenna and eliminating noise from LED and CFL light bulbs. Joe said that GE will quit making CFL bulbs at the end of this year.

Joe asked about antenna traps. Stan described how traps work.

Bob Dittert N0QIX introduced himself. Moved to Hillsboro from Iowa with xyl Amber,KD5SIM. Founding member of Hiawatha ARC in Perry,IA. EC for Dallas county and District 1 in Iowa. Likes getting on K-LINK, interested in EC work and is checking out radio clubs.

Charles has been working special evant stations including NPOTA, NCDXA in northern Canada and Alaska and SOTA (Summits On The Air).

Bob Dittert talked about a MARS drill on K-LINK asking about emergency preparation of those who checked in.

John described aviation communications and how amateur radio techniques help in radio comm. Aviation radio aids include AWOS, ADS-B, Flightradar24 website, METAR,TAFS, and NWS avaition forecast discussion.

Jeb may have to move because of a new job.

    Storm spotter meetings:
  • Marion Feb 25
  • Newton Mar 3
  • McPherson Mar 31
  • Advanced
  • Salina May 6
  • Hutchinson May 7
  • Events:
  • Chisholm Trail Bike Ride May 7
  • Mobray Bike Ride July
  • Cassoday 100 mile run Oct 8
  • MCC Flatlander Sep 17
Dave moved and Dan seconded to adjourn at 8:13

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