All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The February 16, 2010 Newtona Amateur Radio Club meeting was held in the basement of the Newton Public Library. The meeting was called to order by President Michael Harvey at 7:20. In attendance were David Godshall, Michael Harvey, Russell and Jeannae Groves, Dan Inskeep, Harvey Jones, Joe Palmer, Justin Reed with Karen Winter, Kent Stutzman and Randy Wing.

The January minutes were read and accepted. Grammatic errors were corrected.

Discussion went immediately to new business. Mike and Justin had gone to the repeater site and tuned the cans and cleaned the helical filters. They were able to set it to great sensitivity and no loss. Reports were given of reachig the repeater from as far NE as Mrion Res. and NW to the rest area around Mcpherson. South Wichita has been easy and should be even better.

Randy and Harvey were curious how the new link system of K-Link and to the Kan-Oklka Intertie in use by Skywarn. Justin Reed is working on the K-Link system, and hopes to have the Newton 444.525 link in place as weather allows. Within weeks hopefully. Consideration during the discussion was given as to how nets would overlap, bringing a few 2m frequencies into the system. The 444 machine in Newton would cover metropolitan Wichita and from the NWS easily.

Jordan Henion has started and will maintain a map of Kansas showing the K-Link and Kan-Okla Intertie on Google maps. It can be found via links from the Wichita Skywarn http://www.ict-skywarn.org/frequencies.html, http://www.statelineskywarn.com/coverage_map.pdf, and http://ks0lnk.wavedsl.net/ for more detail.

Justin brought an S-Com repeater controller, opened the new arrival and passed the controller around the table. It will not be used in the Newton system, but was purchased for othe parts of the K-Link system.

Justin also offered the potential to add the Newton 146.61 repeater to the link system, and be able to disconnect from the network for local activities. The K-Link repeater will be in the same building as the 146.61 machine, and a tone would also be required to use the link.

Treasurer's Report: David and Kent went to the bank to get the signature switched to Kent's.
As of the hand-off of the Secretary/Treasurer's the checking balance was 474.64, with 65 in petty cash.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30

-- Kent Stutzman, Secretary/Treasurer

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