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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The December 18, 2012 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library.In attendance were Cindy Brazell, Jeanne Groves, Russell Groves, Jordan Henion, David Hughes, Charles Meisinger, Fletch Rickman, Stan Stephenson, Kent Stutzman, Jerry Williams.

Meeting convened at 7:20PM after several members filled out 2013 applications and paid dues.

Minutes were accepted as posted on the web, with one correction. David Hughes, KD0QPB was nominated for Secretary/Treasurer by Charles Meisinger at the November meeting..

Cindy Brazell filled in for Greg and Joe in presenting the 2013 Encampment ideas that Joe has thought up. Russell will be contacting James Whitfield, N5GUI, about what the Newton Club can offer. Cindy highlighted ares that might be of focus, each area in a 5 minute block. These are subject to final consideration by the Encampment leaders. Thanks to Cindy for her participation and interest!

Define radio communications
Emergency Communications, i.e. Skywarn, SATERN
Digital Modes, PSK31
HF if other Encampments
Radio Knowledge
Scouting Bades
Future license exam opportunities
Each scout would have a QSO card, also check off for items worked

Stan moved, Jeanne 2nd that the Club participate in Encampment. Unanimous consent from those in attendance.

Nominations were held for 2013 officers. Russell asked for more and none were offered at the December meeting.
President - Russell Groves - WX0RG
Vice Pres - John Goerzen - KR0L
Secretary/Treasurer - Kent Stutzman - KB0RWI, David Hughes, KD0QPB
Nominations are now closed.

Continued discussion on the problems that the Newton and Mcpherson clubs are having in maintaining membership. The two Club's have worked on six events per year over the last two years together. There is interest that the Club's continue to work on these things and continue to work on other items to grow each club.

Instead of pushing the testing sessions off any further, Dave made a motion to hold a testing session on February 16 at 9:30 in the Library if possible. Location TBD. Included in the motion was to have a Ham Cram on a date TBD in May. Charles 2nd, passed unanimously.

Discussion came up on why people get in to amateur radio. Kent asked Dave why he got in to he hobby. Dave said he wanted to get back into things of interest from the past and to further his knowledge of CW and the hobby. This worked quite well with a PR reflector topic that Kent had followed earlier called "Elevator Speeches" Kent read off a few that were prepared in case the opportunity arose to use them. Cindy Brazell asked if they could be sent to the members. Kent agreed to do so.

Dave motioned to adjourn, Jerry 2nd.

Donation to the McPherson ARC for help with KSUltrarunners of $200.

Updated Club financial status: $1,244.66 in checking and $30.10 in petty cash.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:35PM

Minutes taken by Kent Stutzman
Club Secretary/Treasurer

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