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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater. Newton, KS
The August 2016 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Jeanne Groves.

Present were Charles K0HNC, Dave WX0DH, Jed KD0JCG, Russell WX0RG, Jeanne KS0JG, Jerry KD0LWX, Dan K0FNI, John KR0L, Bob W0BH, Greg KD0QNF, Joe KD0QNG

Minutes and Treasurers report were read by Sec/Treasures Charles Meisinger. Jerry moved and Dave seconded to approve both as read.

Jeanne said that she contacted ARRL about liability insurance for the combined Newton/McPherson clubs and got an immediate offer of $200.00/ per year for combined clubs. She paid the full amount from the McPherson clubs checkbook, so the Newton club owes Mcpherson club $100.00. The policy is for Sep 1st this year Sep 1st next year with an aggragate limit of 2M, single event limit of 1M, fire 100K and medical 10K. John asked about having both clubs on a single policy and Jeanne said that if they write it for combined clubs and take payment, they must honor the policy.

MCC Flatlander:
Russell forwarded email from committee listing the SAG stop locations on the north route and that an updated map would follow. Russell asked for volunteers with T-shirt sizes via email.

Bob Harder gave an update on the Kansas QSO Party. This will be the 8th KsQP. Last year there were 100 KS operators in the QP. Hope to have 45 1x1 calls to spell Kansas, QSO Party, and Sunflower. KS0KS is a wildcard. Antique radio postage stamps on a certificate will be sent to those who spell one or more of the 3 words. Sponsered plagues are given to the winners of each entry category. Bob also reported on ARRL’s NPOTA year long special event. There are 487 sites around the country that are activated by mobiles or portables and everyone tries to work as many as they can. There are 10 sites in KS and all should be activated for the KS QP.

Up-coming events:
August 21 – Salina Hamfest

August 27,28 – Kansas QSO Party

Sept 17 – MCC Flatlander

Oct 8,9 – Heartland 100, Falun Classic

Dec 3 - Skywarn Appreciation Day

Discussed moving Christmas party to Dec 10th to avoid conflict with Skywarn Appreciation day.

Russell is working on installing a System Fusion repeater at Hillsboro.

Jerry said that Derby repeater has a new PL tone of 156.7.

Jerry said that Harold WS0M is in Presbyterian Manor home in Newton.

Adjourned a 7:47. Jerry moved and Dan seconded.
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