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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The April 18th  2017  meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library.  Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by President Jerry Williams.
Present were Charles K0HNC,  Jeanne  KS0JG,  Jerry KD0LWX,  Joe KD0QNG,  Dan K0FNI, Russell WX0RG,  Dave WX0DH, Stan WD0EUF  and guest Tony Dreasher.

Minutes were read by Secretary/Treasurer Charles Meisinger.  Dave moved and Jeanne seconded to approve the minutes as read.

Treasurers report was read by Secretary/Treasurer Charles Meisinger.  Joe moved and Dave seconded to approve.

Stan gave an update on the Chisholm Trail special event from the 25th through the 30th of April.

He had a sample the QSL card for W5A, which should be back from the printer in about a week.  He has had no response from other area clubs for operators.  He gave operator assignments for each day.  He will be there each day to help setup.  Antennas will have to taken down each night.

Stan and Phil have been to the site to test antennas.  There is a parking lot next to the building and a restaurant nearby. 

Jerry gave an update on the Chisholm Trail bike ride on May 6th at Athletic Park.  Setup at 0700 and start at 0800 and will use the .61 repeater.  Bob N0QIX will have a light bar on his car and be a safety vehicle.  Charles will ride with the rover.  Jeanne will be at SAG 1, Russell at SAG2 and Stan at SAG 3.  We will only do communications, no signs or tent setup. 

Field day is set for June 24th and 25th at the shelter at Harvey County east.  Stan has no new information on the Mobray Metric, but it will probably be the same as previous years.

There was some discussion on the Dirty Kanza 200 mile bike ride at Emporia.  There are no SAG stops, only designated points for support teams to meet their riders.  We don’t have information on radio operation.

Jeanne is working on Mailchimp for club email. 

Guest Tony Dreasher said he is working on getting his license.  He lives in Newton and works at the fire station at Haysville.  He is interested in amateur astronomy, has a telescope and will be in Beatrice, NE for the solar eclipse.

Charles said the club license for the club call N0NK  has to be renewed in May.  It was decided to leave the space for an email address blank.

Dave moved and Jeanne seconded to adjourn at 7:48.

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