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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The April 19th 2016 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:07 by president Jeanne Groves.

Present were Charles K0HNC, Dave WX0DH, Jerry KD0LWX, John KR0L, Russell WX0RG, Jeannne KS0JG, Joe KD0QNG and Greg KD0QNF.

Upcoming events:
Heartland 50m/50k - April 30 at Cassoday. Coordinated on short notice by Justin NV8Q.

Chisholm Trail Bike Ride - May 7th at Athletic Park in Newton. Coordinated by Jerry. 31 and 44 mile routes. Riders will have bibb numbers. Signage on the route will be similar to MCC. Police will be at construction south of Walmart. Three rest stops - 125th & Kansas, Johnny’s Fruit Stand and King Park in Hesston. Assignments - Jeanne at SAG 1, Stan at SAG 3, Charles as Rover. Jerry as Net Control. Set up at 7:00, ride starts at 8:00. Use the Newton repeater which will be delinked.

Hutchinson club will have a swap meet May 14th at Rice Park at 09:00

Field Day - With McPherson club at the Scout House in Hillsboro. Hutchinson club has been invited. Dave suggested having some signage at the site to explain to the public what we are doing. Charles said that Jeremey's family is in the sign making business. Russell will see about some publicity for the event and see Jeremy about having a sign made. Discussion about publicity on social media, local radio, TV and papers.

Discussed using N3FJP logging software for FD. Bob Dittert N0QIX from Hillsboro has server to network computers using this program. McPherson club has voted to use it. Discussed setting up a trial run, maybe at a meeting, to try the program. Dave will try to get a digital station working. Jeanne will see about meals. Jeanne suggested planning for next year at the meeting after FD. Discussed available antennas and possible 6M station.

Mobray Metric: July 17th with more difficult route and more SAGs

MCC Flatlander: Sept 17th.

Heartland 100: Oct 8,9th.

Falun Classic: Oct 9th.

Russell is waiting for word from HV county about transferring UHF antenna at Camp Hawk to us. He has verbal commitment from them to leave the UHF antenna and hardline on the tower for us. When it is available, we will install a Fusion UHF repeater for local use. He has a second Fusion VHF repeater to install in Marion on the Eagle Communications tower.

Greg and Joe reported on their visit to K-State Engineering Open House. The amateur radio club there has a working Commodore 64 computer.

Russell said that our antenna was loose on the tower again and was tightened by a climber.

Dave talked about possibly reviving the ARC at WSU. Some discussion about testing sessions there.

Dave moved and Jerry seconded to adjourn. Adjourned at 8:15

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