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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The April 21, 2015 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met at Dave’s house. Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Dave Hughes.

In attendance: Dave WX0DH, Russell WX0RG, Jeanne KS0JG, Jed KD0JCG, Jerry KD0LWX, Charles K0HNC, Greg KD0QNF, and Joe KD0QNG.

Russell moved and Jerry seconded to approved minutes as published in the website.

Treasurer’s report Checking $1,277.04. Petty cash $51.00 Jerry moved and Russell seconded to approved the treasurer’s report.

Discuss new locations for next meeting.  Jeanne will check on library to see availability.

Chisholm Trail Bike Ride, set up around shelter area.  Using Newton Repeater for the ride.  Will need to be delinked.  Would like one to ride with Dr. Bike if enough people.  Sag 1 Jeanne, Sag 2  , Sag 3, Net Control and maybe Dr. Bike.  Jeanne, Jerry, Jed, maybe Greg or Joe

Ultra Runners is same say 6 am cut off 9PM, 3 aid stations, net control.  4 dedicated people should be enough.  Track Guard could also cover Chisholm Trail.  Justin, Jay Holmes, Charles-Teterville, Jeanne-tracks, Russell-Net Control

Will push off VE session until May, will discuss in the April Meeting. Will suggest July 18th in McPherson, Dave moved Joe Greg seconded.

Russell reported on Flatlanders, no routes yet.  

Russell will have Marion County Lake on Field Day without the other emergency planned activities but we will be sharing with catfish tournament.   Motion to meet in Hillsboro in May, Russell moved, Jerry second.

Camp Hawk is under renovation, new shack for all the county equipment, will have gated room for the Newton ARC and they are leaving UHF antenna for a 440 repeater. Russell is contacting the Newton Elevator and still working on it.  Yaesu is having an offer for system fusion repeater for $500.  Russell ordered 2 and delivery is supposed to be in 2 months.  

Jeanne will work on postcards for Harvey County. Use McPherson ARC postcards as an example.

Here’s the calendar:
May 2 - Chisholm Trail Bike ride
May 2 - Heartland 50 miler
Jun. 27th - Field day Marion Lake in Marion County.  Shelter House with preparedness fair.
July 18th - Testing session in McPherson
July 19th - Mobrey
Oct ?? - Falun  
Sept. 19 - MCC in
Heartland in Oct. — has been cancelled

Round table
Charles-contesting -4 state QSO parties, MN, ND, and NE, Next weekend is FL QSO.  Most depend on mobiles…participate in CW and side band. KS QSO party upcoming in August.
Joe - MCC sale on Friday, talked on air on K-link
Jeanne - no updates
Greg -
Jed - family visits, went to Halstead.  
Russell - no updates
Jerry - monitored weather, K-link got the Wesley repeater is working, 82 is still down. Working on 4 old Eagle traffic lights.  Lights to Go website.  Originally designed to us relays and cans.
Dave - no updates

Motion to adjourn - motion to adjoin by Joe seconded by Greg.

Jeanne Groves, KS0JG

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