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All licensed operators welcome on the 146.61- repeater.
Newton, KS

The April 15, 2014 meeting of the Newton Amateur Radio Club met in the Board Room of the Newton Public Library. Meeting was called to order at 7:02 PM by President Dave Hughes.

In attendance: Jerry Williams, John Goerzen, Dan Inskeep, Lon Buller, Kent Stutzman, Charles Meisinger, Dave Hughes, Stan Stephenson, Steve Nelson, Abby Kliewer, Joe Brazell, Greg Brazell, Russell Groves, and Jeanne Groves.

Russell moved and Dan seconded to approved minutes as published in the website.

Treasurer’s report
Checking $1,360.04
Petty cash $105.00
Charles moved and John seconded to approved the treasurer's report.

No more old business.

Round table:
Russell is working with the Marion County manager to form a qualified group of hams for emergency situations. Also picked up an new rig for 6 meter.

Jerry is working on APRS and readying for storm season,

John has the bugs worked out of his solar powered radio in car with a new agm battery.

Steve has been spring cleaning around house (send him over to my house!)

Joe has been working on eagle scout.

Lon said that the storm spotters meeting had good attendance, 139 vs. 89 las year. Courtney has resigned. No replacement yet. There will be a temporary part time to do exercise program. Russell needs to fix dipole will call to set up time.

Greg components to get tower put up for Joe's antenna. Need recommendations for mobile rig 2 meter with cross banding.

Kent will check for straggling Newsline references still mentioned on the website.

Charles worked the Missouri QSO party, Georgia, Michigan is coming up next week.

Dave had nothing to say.

Stan said for the local emergency planning committee, the new EOC director will have big highly organized scenario exercise on August 1 to 10th using National Guard. It will include Ne and KS. McPherson county will have National Guard medivac helicopers. There will be several thousand people, emergency management and national guard. It will I\incorporate lots of smaller incident series into one big thing. Stan also brought a foxhunt antenna. ARRL has antenna ideas plus the web site. Strictly receiving antenna. Receive frequency..universal 146.575.

Dan brought a tape measure antenna kit. He was getting into 160 meters.
Abby-passed tech.

Repeater news-- K-link hub in Eldorado links to K-link by IRLP. Newton will be pointed to El Dorado, putting small antenna at Camp Hawk, tweaking to get voice prompted corrected. Between El Dorado and Newton, at the old microwave tower 5 minutes north of El Dorado. Need to change the repeater controller settings for Sunday. New generator means that we probably don't need batteries.

Request for volunteers at the MS walk and a ride. May 3

Dave suggested that we think about organizing a south central Kansas group for ARES and other events.

Field Day is coming up —June 28-29, 2014. Jeanne talk to Bob about Stutzman's retreat. Stan will check on McPherson County Lake cabin (cost will be $225). Harvey County West cabins? New hall. Tabor? Camp Hawk? Eden Mennonite-old Cloverleaf School

Motion to executive committee or it's designated lackeys local alternate sites for Field Day. What to take to the field day.

There was a suggestion to hold a fox hunt in September.

Notes on other clubs: Salina will be doing meetings quarterly. Valley Center dropping testing sessions. Should Newton increase the number of their testing sessions? Regular basis.

Dan, moved to adjourn at 8:18 PM. Second by Jerry

Minutes taken by Jeanne Groves
Club Secretary Treasurer

Dave checks out a antenna that Stan brought for fox hunting

Fox Hunt Antenna

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